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More Reading For Patrons

Less Spending for Libraries

No Barriers to Access

Give your patrons instant access to thousands of quality ebooks, while making library budgets go further


Eliminate waiting lines and let your patrons read instantly any title on the platform, online or offline, using the Total Boox free App for iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire tablets. Content read never disappears from their devices.


Thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles include new releases from popular authors, backlist favorites from top publishers, and literary classics in the public domain. Discover authors and topics by browsing the catalog or through reading shelves. New titles are added weekly.


Thorough monthly reports provide insight into the reading habits and interests of patrons, helping librarians and publishers spot trends and predict popularity of titles without compromising patrons' privacy.


Sign up with the balance your library is comfortable with and use state-of-the-art tracking system to monitor spending. Never go over budget. Never purchase titles upfront. Never pay for downloads—only for the content read.

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