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Passion and Pleasure by Alicia Thorne

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Book Description

Lust and love go hand in hand in four blazing hot romances from Alicia Thorne. These diverse stories offer a little something for every reader, and their steamy heroes and heroines will light up your nights from their first moments together all the way to their happy ever afters.

  • Inventing Sin: English professor Gabriella Kurtz tells colleagues she's dating the perfect guy: big and masculine but gentlemanly, and capable of mind-blowing sex all weekend. Problem is, he's not real . . . until ex-military Duncan Sinclair, Sin to his friends, enters the picture, on a mission to take out an undercover terrorist posing as an accomplished academic.
  • Ruby's Reward: When Ruby Rendell's vindictive ex accuses her of illegally trading stolen artworks and antiquities, she makes just one mistake in her defense: she lets her body outwit her brain. Her affair with her ex's sidekick, Raphael Gianetti, is definitely a bad idea . . . but it feels so good.
  • Night Blooming Jasmine: Every time psychologist Jasmine Zehr thinks she's outwitted her stalker, she discovers that he's found her again. But is she ready to accept the fact this evil isn't human, and her only escape is to trust demon hunter Rhianen?
  • Keeping the Peace: Small-town sheriff Adam Steele has one goal: keep the peace in his town and in his life. But when writer Charity Malone drifts into town - with every intention of drifting back out again - the two can't deny their mutual attraction. As their no-strings-attached affair turns into something deeper, all hell breaks loose.
Sensuality Level: Spicy

  • ISBN: 9781440591990 |
  • Publisher: F+W Media |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook