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Understanding Mortgages by Jim  Muriithi Nyagah

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Book Description

I set out to write a book that will inspire and trigger a genuine interest in people's lives. To enable them to make an informed decision in a bid to invest in a home. I believed I was definitely ready to make a difference to provide the reader with tools to allow them to develop their thinking and improve their success in investing in their home. This book will be valuable to the man in the street who wants to buy a home for his family and does not understand what a mortgage is all about. The employee in the bank or a finance house who would like to learn more about mortgages to improve his/her knowledge, understanding and enhance his skills to provide a more efficient and professional service. To be more productive and improve his chances of promotion. The student of finance who is studying for professional exams to become an expert in mortgage financing. The assessors in professional banking bodies who would immensely benefit from the materials in this book. The government policy maker who will find it easier to understand what it is that drives the mortgage industry. The investor in property who would like to understand more about the mortgage and property market thereby making informed financial decisions. The Kenyan who owns a plot or a piece of land and does not realise that he/she can obtain a mortgage to construct a permanent and decent house for his family. The Kenyan in the diaspora who is not aware that he does not need to be in Kenya to invest in property there.

  • ISBN: 9780755250677 |
  • Hardcover: 398 pages |
  • Publisher: Bright Pen |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook