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The Glass Half Full by Suzanne C. Segerstrom

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Book Description

According to psychologist Suzanne Segerstrom, rose-colored glasses may look silly, but they're actually quite practical. In The Glass Half Full, she surveys the scientific data on optimism (including her own award-winning research) to reveal that it's not what you believe about the future that matters, but what you do about it. While pessimists debate whether their goals are attainable, optimists are out there trying to achieve them. Without insisting that readers learn to "think positive," The Glass Half Full teaches them practical ways to appropriate the habits and skills that optimists use to get what they want from life. Segerstrom - who reluctantly admits her research on the topic has transformed her into an optimist -imparts the lesson with a mix of humor and intelligence that will convince even the most cynical readers that a brighter tomorrow might be just around the corner.

  • ISBN: 9781780337616 |
  • Publisher: Constable & Robinson |
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  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook