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The Day My Baby Was Born by LaNita McMeekan-Cates

Book Description

Inspiring Stories for Moms-to-Be | Real moms share their intimate birth stories

Share in the beauty and wonder of the birth experience with this touching collection of true stories from 60 real moms, describing in their own words how their newborns came into the world. Their intimate recollections capture the remarkable range of birth experiences and remind us of the extraordinary bond that forms from this moment on.

A great shower gift or self-purchase for expectant mothers that shares the amazing childbirth experience.

Beautifully packaged to reflect the warmth, wonder, and mystery of the childbirth experience, The Day My Baby Was Born presents true stories from a wide variety of women about the different ways their child came into the world and the incredible bond this moment forms among all mothers.The Day My Baby Was Born gives moms-to-be a full sense of what to expect, through real stories from real people - the voices of friends, sisters, neighbors, and others sharing their own thoughts on the incredible moment.

Featuring these stories:

Birthing Iris: a slight deviation from the plan (Meredith Davis)
Longer second labor, drug free (Laura Hubacek)
Easy pregnancy and easy labor (Missy Bowen)
My second baby was more difficult than my first (Allison McGee)
Baby born on due date (Ally Channing)
First baby born at home (Nancy Hatcher)
The birth of my baby Carson (Brenda Allen)
Our big surprise! (Trina Hollander)
Jakson's birth story (Cristina Ramirez)
Fast labor (Sara Hankes)
Hurry up, Doc! (Harmony T)
Extremely easy first delivery (Paige Nelson)
My second birth just as wonderful as the first (Rachel R)
A different water birth than expected (Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt)
The birth of my angel Kylee Faith (Stephanie Wiseman)
Thirty-two-week preemie after bed rest (Marsha Hammond)
Too easy to be a first (Toni Williams)
C-section wasn't as bad as I expected (Vickie Freeman)
A not-so-scary birth story (Rebecca K)
Miss Ashely's arrival (Carrie Herbst)
Fast and furious first baby (Beth Johanson)
My angel Madison (Candice Pesotini)
Third time's the charm (Ann Larson)
No progress results in Cesarean (Michelle Schroeder)
My baby boy...easy birth and easy baby (Hope Lehmann)
Jade's birth story (Sara A)
Water birth was perfect (Kim Goodspeed)
Pregnancy-induced hypertension with first (Shelly Evans)
Baby Bre's story (Jennine Mustard)
Intense back labor with no epidural (Katherine Harris)
Difficult pregnancy but completely worth it (Anneli Nilsson)
First baby born at thirty-six weeks, but so easy! (Lynda Lipske)
That can't be right! (Kathy Colbern)
Twin girls and a bonus (Liz Adams)
Four weeks early and long labor (Brenda Erickson)
I did it my way but almost didn't makee it (Melissa W)
Baby girl born early (Stephanie Williamson)
Quick for a first-time mom (Ilona Pope)
Suzaan, our mircle (Martie van Biljon)
My sweet (big) baby girl (Allie McDonaldson)
Great expectations run amok (Rachel Karlsen)
Sunny-side up, baby Braxton (Autumn Fagan)
Easy as 1-2-3 (Emily O'Reilly)
The longest labor but well worth it (Cara Martin)
My drug-free birth (Sheldene Wade)
Come on, baby! (Lindsay A.E.)
Fintan's birth story (Jessica Aldridge)
Seven days late with 7 pound, 7 ounce girl (Lisa Patterson)
Speedy first labor and delivery (Robyn Cassidy)
Eyes wide open (Erika Starman)
Seven-hour labor, one week late and all natural (Darlene Fulton)
Overdue water birth at home (Kerri Connell)
Long labor but easy delivery (Bonnie Wenzel)
An unexpected delivery at home (Kris Krynicki)
I loved my fast and easy delivery with Pitocin (Allison McGreger)
Night of the full moon (Aimee Wimbush-Bourque)
Lamaze teacher gives birth (Christine Hughes)
The grand entrance of the second man in my life (Jennie C)

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  • Hardcover: 272 pages |
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks |
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  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook