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Skyrim - Strategy, Hacks, and Tools for the Pro Gamer by Robert Kingsley

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Skyrim is a land in strife. The empire has been conquered by elves who endeavor to tell the proud Nords, the people who inhabit Skyrim, who they can worship and who they cannot. The Stormcloaks, a group whose had enough, have risen up in rebellion against the Imperial army to take back their homeland and live in freedom. As if a civil war isn’t enough, nightmares have come to life in the countryside.

Dragons, spoken only of in stories, have started coming to life and terrorizing the people of Skyrim. Their coming was prophesied in the Elder Scrolls, as was the coming of one who could fight them.

The Dova’Khin, or dragon born, is a hero with the power of the dragons. It is this hero who decides the outcome of this civil unrest and who determines the fate of the world. You are this hero. This world, though fictional, is your responsibility. Rather than running out and getting yourself killed over and over, try a few tips and tricks that will help you achieve your ultimate potential.


Robert Kingsley, an avid tech enthusiast and gamer, is a geek at heart. He has a degree in computer networking and experience as an IT Support Engineer. Robert enjoys writing about all things tech, gaming, DIY, history and mystery. Robert is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing and hopes to publish a fantasy novel in years to come.


You nock an arrow and let fly just as the beastly frost troll comes into view. You have no chance at sneaking bonuses because he’s already on to you. You feel positive you’re OK though since your bow is powerfully enchanted to deal fire damage, which trolls can’t stand.

You wait for the troll to immolate on contact with your arrow, but he doesn't. He just keeps charging. A quick look at the bar on the lower right corner of your screen tells you the bow needs to be recharged. Your out of soul gems so you have nothing to rely on but the raw damage you can deliver with an unenchanted bow in a few shots.

Your archery level is a 36, which is respectable, and you’ve got a good bow, but its base damage isn’t very impressive. You get off three shots before the troll closes in, nowhere near enough. You’re dead and Skyrim will burn. If only you had a way to make your bow stronger, you may have survived this encounter...

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  • ISBN: 9781614648697 |
  • Hardcover: 25 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook