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Secrets of the Heart by Richard W. Dortch

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Book Description

A life that is free, that is what most of us seek. It isn't that we don't want some's just our quest to know freedom...victorious living of heart, mind, and soul.

Richard Dortch wants you to be a person who will let the sunlight in and let life be the beautiful experience it can be.

Dortch, in his high-profile position as president of one of America's largest ministries, saw firsthand what secrets, compromise, and hidden things can do to a person. Now, after coming to terms with the secrets of his own heart, Richard Dortch is in a unique position to help others see what blessed freedom there is in living a life courageously and being totally transparent. You will not be the same after walking with him through the experiences of... Secrets of the Heart.

On these pages we'll discuss:

  • The warning signs of deception.
  • How to avoid the penalty of secrets.
  • The keys to self-examination.
  • How to build trust and confidence.
  • How to escape from denial.
  • The keys to confession.
  • How to find principles worth keeping.
  • The 10 secrets for truthful living.
  • How to find freedom from guilt.
  • Life-changing declarations of truth.

  • ISBN: 9781614582373 |
  • Hardcover: 192 pages |
  • Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc. |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook