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Quicklet on Thomas Friedman's From Beirut to Jerusalem by Joshua  Vizer

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Among the worlds most enduring and exasperating struggles, Thomas Friedman attempts to lay out the philosophical, historical and fantastical story of the conflict in the Middle East with his narrative, From Beirut to Jerusalem. This book covers a deep and controversial topic area that Friedman deftly explains in a fascinating narrative that will keep you entertained, informed and wanting more. It was also the winner of the National Book Award in 1989.

From the start, From Beirut to Jerusalem creates a compelling narrative that weaves in all of the important concepts involved in the Middle East conflicts. The book serves as equal parts first-hand account, historical textbook, journalistic observation, and reflection on the overarching themes of the era. The book focuses primarily on three issues that drive the overall narrative of the book.

The first issue is the civil war in Lebanon, which occurred throughout the time that Friedman was living in the country. During this time, Lebanon transformed from a modern cosmopolitan nation to a chaotic, sectarian country. Friedman discusses the day to day struggles that the conflict imposed as well as the broader implications of the war.


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From Beirut to Jerusalem is structured into three main portions, based on three major geographies. Each portion of the books is a location that hints at the greater theme of the section.

The first portion is titled Beirut and follows the authors life in that city. In this portion, he primarily focuses on the Lebanese civil war as well as the Arab world as a whole. The second portion is titled Jerusalem and is concerned mainly with Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Finally, the third section is called Washington and comments mostly on the American and global perspective on the Middle East. Each section takes the reader through the different points of view, shaping forces and major figures in the debate. Friedman is able to use is unique reporting and writing skills to provide the reader a sense of the critical points for understanding each region.

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Quicklet on Thomas Friedman's From Beirut to Jerusalem

Thomas Friedman's From Beirut to Jerusalem

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