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Personal Knowledge Capital by Janette Young

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Book Description

Intangible value leads to new insights and ideas, and higher levels of creativity and innovative thinking. Personal knowledge capital focuses on the knowledge worker, knowledge creation, and third generation knowledge management. A focus on the ‘inner and outer’ aspects of personal knowledge capital creates a balanced approach in order to produce creative solutions. As such this forms part of a synthesis of mind versus body thinking in relation to knowledge creation theory within knowledge management. This title is divided into two sections: the inner and outer path. The inner path focuses on tacit knowledge in knowledge creation, and highlights the importance of inner value, resulting in a model for personal knowledge awareness. The outer path explores how to effectively communicate and exploit knowledge in a modern business world, both online and offline. This section focuses on valuing intangibles including social capital, relationships and trust, exploring community, conversation, infrastructure and ecologies for a web world. You can manage your own assets through your communities and networks, exploiting the latest technologies around you.

  • Examines know-how, tacit knowledge, and emotional and cognitive knowledge
  • Links social capital to web technologies to create innovative frameworks, tools and models
  • Puts forward tools and mechanisms supported by research, which can be used for the design of a knowledge infrastructure

  • ISBN: 9781780633664 |
  • Hardcover: 210 pages |
  • Publisher: Elsevier Science |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook