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Make Love, Not War: The Quotes that Defined the 1960's by Dr. Leigh Davis

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The 1960s represent the 7th decade of the 20th century, and are remembered as a time of change; youth influence; radicalism; and the sexual revolution.

The baby-boomers of the 1940's were coming of age, and the largest population of college-age men and women banded together to mark a major turning point in the culture of nations worldwide.

From the swinging sixties in London and the hip fashions on Carnaby Road; to the political activism and demonstrations in the United States and the standoffs on college campuses; to Woodstock, the music festival to end all music festivals in upstate New York; the 1960s were influenced by youth, no longer content to be representations of the generation preceding them, and of course, a time of sex, love and rock & roll.

"Make Love, Not War" ~ Unknown


Dr. Leigh-Davis is a law professor, retired attorney, anthropologist and media personality; who frequently works as a TV news legal analyst. Dr. Leigh-Davis has taught at Cal State University and is a native of Beverly Hills, California.


“The people who invented the twenty-first century were pot-smoking, sandal-wearing hippies from the West Coast like Steve, because they saw differently,” he said. "The hierarchical systems of the East Coast, England, Germany, and Japan do not encourage this different thinking. The sixties produced an anarchic mind-set that is great for imagining a world not yet in existence.” ~ Walter Isaacson, on Steve Jobs

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