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MacFarlane's Lantern  by J. A.  Milne

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Book Description

Ralph Barrington was a very young man when he inherited the broken-down Georgian mansion of Redwoods in Winchester. In accordance with Margaret Fitzgerald's will, Ralph was unable to sell his inheritance; therefore he and his teenage daughter, Roselyn, known as Ros, were forced to make the best of things and to live in just a few of the rooms. Ralph's wife, Charlotte, was a depressant: she had cruelly denied Ros at birth, and then, Ros meets Andrew Frazer MacFarlane, who has had an equally tragic and difficult beginning to his life; but not only has Andrew got himself entanlged with a woman, who is determined never to let him go, but he also harbours a fearful, dark secret. Set among some of Scotland's most dramatic scenery, this is a powerful tale as seen through the eyes of an eighteenth century, former daughter of the house, Marguerite Fitzgerald Campbell, an adventuress during the Jacobite uprisings, who suffered a cruel rape; she had a child. There is a mystery surrounding the child's parentage which becomes a vital link in saving Redwoods and the North and South Timber Mills from being demolished. And just who is the mysterious, Rafe Frazer? Drama! Scandal! Intrigue! Mystery! Romance!

  • ISBN: 9780755050772 |
  • Hardcover: 404 pages |
  • Publisher: Bright Pen |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook