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Lance Armstrong, 60 Minutes Bio, Part 1 - A Hyperink Quicklet by Scott  Charles

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I've been aware of the various controversies surrounding Lance Armstrong for many years. Friends of mine, and various acquaintances, are cyclists.

A couple of them were semi-pro in the eighties.

They are all fiercely devoted to the sport.

By that I mean they revere the process of cycling – the practice, the technical details, the adventure, the community spirit – and they honor those who take the sport to the next level, Eddy Merckx to site just one example.

Based on what I know from talking to my friends, Lance Armstrong is a polarizing figure.

He has been a phenomenal cyclist, but his detractors say he's an egotistical phony who is good at only one thing (e.g., hills) and without his team he's nothing.

They say his arrogance trumps any good he did for the sport.

His supporters say he's a great athlete and knows how to manage winning.

He's a cancer survivor who works on behalf of those who suffer from cancer.


Scott Charles has over a decade’s worth of experience as a research analyst. Scott spent 11 years at a Fortune 500 company providing research and analytical services to marketing teams, product managers, R&D staff, and executives. His specialty is doing comprehensive deep dives to support ideation processes, identifying business opportunities, market analysis and business development.


That's the most striking thing about the whole interview – the slow, determined speaking, the ghost-like delivery.

He knows what he is saying is true, but he's lived a lie for so long he seems to be having trouble believing that it's finally being put to words.

His own words.

In June of 2010 he was served a subpoena, and forced to appear before a Grand Jury.

His comment that if he could have erased his memories he would have done so rings true.

There is absolutely no detectable conceit in the man at this point.

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