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Immunological Tolerance

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Immunological Tolerance: Mechanisms and Potential Therapeutic Applications documents the proceedings of a conference held at Brook Lodge, Michigan, April 27-May 1, 1974. The conference brought together many of the investigators who have actively contributed to furthering knowledge and understanding of immunological tolerance. It will be immediately clear to the reader that the conference was structured in a way to consider phenomena of tolerance and immune suppression as interrelated entities with a certain degree of emphasis on the possible common cellular mechanisms involved.
The volume contains 36 contributions presented during the seven sessions of the conference. The papers presented in Session I examined T-cell tolerance. The presentations in Session II focused on B cell tolerance. The papers in Sessions III and IV focused on the mechanisms of B cell and T cell tolerance, respectively. Session V dealt with the activity of suppressor cells as a mechanism of tolerance. The papers in Session VI investigated the suppressive activity of antibody and antigen-antibody complexes. In Session VII a final General Discussion was held in order to identify what has been established concerning the phenomenology and mechanisms of specific immunological tolerance, what are the major unresolved issues, and what approaches appear most promising to answer these questions.

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