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How to Write (and Deliver) a Killer Wedding Speech (Guide to Delivering the Best Wedding Speeches) by Tiffanie  Wen

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Congratulations! Your: (circle one) brother/sister/cousin/daughter/best friend is getting married, and you’ve been asked to be a member of the wedding party. It's a huge honor, and you couldn’t be more excited for the couple.

Then it dawns on you as you have a silent meltdown: you have to give a toast at the wedding.

It's a crucial job. Whether you realize it yet or not, for two to five minutes (please no longer guys, but we'll talk about that later), you will be the sole entertainment at the most important event for one of the most important people in your life.

It's pretty cool, actually. You control the mood at a huge party. You can make them laugh, you can make them cry, you can make them cheer (and the best speeches manage to do all three). Or, of course, you can crash and burn with a series of inappropriate jokes told to a silent and awkward crowd of the bride's 300 closest family and friends, including Gerty, her 92-year-old grandma.


Tiffanie Wen is a professional writer from the San Francisco Bay Area who's written for Newsweek, Flux Hawaii, Ode Magazine and more. When she's not working, she enjoys exploring new places around the world and spending time with her dogs, Rocky and Benny.


On the flip side, you don’t want to bore your audience with a lengthy chronology of the bride/groom’s life. If it’s not relevant to the story, it’s best to leave it out.

If you have a long history with the couple, it can be tempting to reveal 20 minutes’ worth of information. But as one frequent toaster said, “Keep it to a few important stories.”

The sincere well-wishes: This is the part where you get to brag about the couple, talk about how much you love them and express how happy you are that they got married today...

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  • Hardcover: 24 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
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