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How to Landscape on a Small Budget by Wendy V.

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Anyone with a yard looks for the best way to make it beautiful without breaking the bank. Perhaps you are moving to a new house, with nothing but the blank slate of fresh dirt in the front yard without a tree to provide shade. Maybe you’ve just purchased a fixer-upper with overgrown shrubbery planted decades ago that has been allowed to overwhelm the entire front of the house. Or perhaps, you’ve been staring at your yard for years with the desire to improve it, but feeling that money is simply too tight to do any major overhaul of the space. Whatever your situation, you are in luck: great landscaping does not need to cost a fortune; it simply takes a bit of knowledge and common sense.

Landscaping can seem to be overwhelming to the beginning homeowner. After all, many people pay professional landscapers thousands of dollars for their services. But there are hundreds of gardening magazines, books, blogs, and video tutorials available, each offering advice on how to improve your front yard. Start your research by asking the landscaping questions in this quick book!


Buying plants in pots can prove to be a costly exercise in futility. You might be inclined to buy five-gallon potted plants, but purchasing one gallon potted plants instead can yield good results with savings. The plants will be smaller, but within a season they will grow and fill out a plant bed.

When you place the new plants, space them apart according to their mature size, not the size that they are at planting time. Use fertilizer as you plant to help give your new fledglings a stronger start. More care during planting will mean higher survival of plants as the season progresses.

Divide clumps of plants to create several starters to spread out in your beds as opposed to just putting the pot into one spot. Good candidates for splitting are grasses, perennial flowers such as geraniums, and plants that put out runners. Within a year or two, you can fill in a large bed with only the starting purchase of a few plants...

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