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Guide to the best food for your dog by Macie  Melendez

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Walking down the dog food aisle at the store is enough to give any pet owner anxiety. Even more so if you’ve chosen to go into a store that allows you to also bring your dog in with you (read: your dog is now pulling on his leash while your trying to decide from several different age- and size-appropriate versions of 10 brands of dog food).

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Today, finding the right dog food no doubt has its challenges. Dog food differs in size, color, brand, texture, ingredients, and myriad other things, which makes it hard to know if you are making the right choice. But there are a few tried-and-true rules of thumb you can count on the next time you are purchasing those tiny (or not so tiny) morsels for your pup.


Macie Melendez has been a professional writer since 2005 and has been published in various publications, including Home Energy and San Francisco magazine, among others. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from San Diego State University, and currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and their dog.


Whether you are feeding your dog wet or dry food, or a combination of the two, there are a few items to look for on dog food packaging that can help you make the right choice. The following are key items to note when choosing.

All dog food sold in stores must meet requirements from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). In the organization’s pet food label requirements, it states that “ingredients must be listed in order of predominance by weight…. The ingredient that makes up the highest percentage of the total weight as it goes into the product is listed first.”

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