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F*ck it Fear it - Bunny Love by Bunny Love

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Book Description

“F*ck it Fear it” The most explosive, sexually explicit, unceaty Bunny Love’s kiss and tell all book lifts the lid in a “REAL LIFE” 50 shades of grey and what drove her over the edge as she discovered that F*ck it and Fear it was all that was left. But who is Bunny love? Bunny Love is her alter ego with a body bought and built for sex who leaves her true identity in the shade. As she becomes many different personas it becomes a juggling act with all balls in the air. F*ck it & fear it is a real life 50 shades of grey about the life of Bunny Love. The never ashamed or embarrassed Bunny starts out in a seemingly normal middle class environment but we soon discover she has a propensity for a different kind of life. What made her parents send her to convent school? The nuns didn’t stand a chance-it was father Ted who was left frustrated. Whilst bunking off Theatre school after missing out on a starring film role, she gets lured by the un-pleasant Jock who grooms her for prostitution at the tender age of 14 and taught her all she needed to know earning her the nickname “Best little wanker in town”. She relished the power as it was now on-wards and up-wards at every turn. She goes on to work for the infamous Bourne Rutt, gets involved in a fraud case, becomes a bunny at The Playboy Club, then a topless hostess at toppers. We follow her through avenues of first love, sex, abuse, corruption, child rearing,marriage and ultimately in a dramatic and abusive relationship where beaten up Bunny’s life hangs in the balance as she goes under the knife in her quest to disguise who she really is? BUT WHO IS BUNNY LOVE? Her identity is not going to be divulged at this stage as she homes in with a big “bottoms up” to her new media career as she becomes a tabloids wet dream, the stunts that she pulls and how she played it like a fiddle: until it all came to an abrupt end in a spectacular finale in front of 20 Million Americans! Had Bunny’s batteries finally run out? Filthy, funny and f*cking tragic this true story is a powerful account an exhilarating roller-coaster ride laughing in the face of tragedy and how Bunny discovered that f*ck it & fear it was all that was left.

  • ISBN: 9780755250790 |
  • Hardcover: 298 pages |
  • Publisher: Bright Pen |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook