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Alternative Energy Sources

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Book Description

Alternative Energy Sources, Part B contains the proceedings of the Alternative Energy Sources Symposium of the International Symposium Series of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, held in Kuwait in February 1980. The symposium provided a forum for discussing alternative energy sources and for reviewing and assessing those technologies that complement and will most likely replace oil and gas extracted by conventional techniques.

Comprised of seven chapters, this book begins with an overview of the state of the art in nuclear fission power plants, along with the basics of nuclear fission and energy derived from nuclear reactions. The discussion then turns to fusion power and its prospects; the state of the art of energy storage systems used by electric utilities for peak shaving; and the outlook for transportation and energy through 2000. The next chapter focuses on the shortcomings of techniques that are typically used for the comparative evaluation of energy projects and suggests improvements, based on a present value approach, which allow for a more meaningful comparison. Mathematical techniques for the analysis of capital ventures are also described, with special reference to investments in the field of energy. The final chapter sets into context the mechanics of Third World development and the role of alternative energy systems in that process.

This monograph will be of interest to researchers in the energy field as well as energy policymakers.

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