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Loveability by Robert Holden

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Book Description

Loveability, the latest book by Robert Holden, is a practical meditation on love. As a primary desire, love feeds our need for connection, safety, freedom and vitality. However, not loving enough or feeling unloved, have become the root causes of many conflicts and problems in people's lives. Robert addresses this dynamic problem with practical exercises, poetry, science and heart-warming stories that readers will find both insightful and engaging. Each chapter will address specific issues that readers may find are obstacles to finding love and loveability in their lives, including:

  • What Is and Is Not Love
  • Self-Love and Self-Acceptance 
  • What Makes a Loving Relationship Work
  • The Difference Between Falling in Love and Being in Love
  • Forgiveness, Healing Old Wounds and Living in the Present
  • Letting Go of the Fears of Love, Commitment and Loss

The final chapter teaches the reader how to be a loving presence in the world by committing to love. Included in this chapter will be The Love Scale, which helps readers set daily intentions to love and be loved, exercises, prayers and The Loving Kindness meditation.

In conjunction with the book Robert also started the Loveability Project-a program of workshops and a 3-day signature course called Loveability. The book will be supported by talks, workshops, multi-media content, and a strong internet presence, similar to The Happiness Project.

Guided by Robert's thoughtful writing and clear examples, readers can find a way to overcome their fears and embrace their loving presence in the world.

  • ISBN: 9781781801499 |
  • Hardcover: 256 pages |
  • Publisher: Hay House Publishing |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook