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Headquartered in Tel Aviv, with representatives in the United States, Total BooX, Ltd. is led by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, who have previously built large companies distributing and managing digital content. The experience of our executives is diverse and wide-ranging, spanning industries and continents.

Yoav Lorch – Founder and CEO

Yoav is a writer turned entrepreneur. In the many years he worked as a writer in Israel he wrote over 200 TV scripts created and translated works for the professional theatre, published six children books and illustrated two. In his high-tech career he founded two companies and led both from concept to international presence and sales, building professional teams and raising over $ 40 million in the process. Total Boox is Yoav's 3rd startup company, and it brings together his fascination with big ideas, his abilities in building companies and teams, and his love of books and writing.

Udi Arad – Chairman and Head of Business Development

A well known figure in the academic library world, Udi was the co-founder of Ex Libris, and its CEO for over 15 years. Udi led Ex Libris from inception, through various growth stages, including its penetration into the US academic library market. Currently Ex Libris is an undisputed leader in its field, with annual revenues exceeding $100 mill. It was recently acquired for $250 million.

Yossi Avital – VP R&D

Yossi Avital is a highly skilled IT professional, with ten years of experience in software research and development. Since the early 2000s, he has been developing and leading innovation processes using cutting-edge technologies in complex, high-performance environments, including Medical, RFID, and software-optimization industries. A team player who loves a good challenge, Yossi brings to Total BooX a user-oriented perspective, a passion for building and problem solving, and desire to explore and implement new technologies. He holds a B.Sc in mathematics and computer science from the Ben-Gurion University, and an MBA from the Technion.

Maya Feldman – Managing Editor

Maya is a literary editor and translator with a wide and varied involvement in world literature. Formerly acquisition editor of foreign fiction and editor of literary translated fiction at Kinneret-Zmora publishing house, and a senior editor at Am-Oved publishing house. She is currently the editor of the digital multilingual magazine Maaboret – Story Crossing and a literary critique in Haaretz newspaper.
Maya received her M.A . in Comparative Literature from Tel Aviv University. She lives in Tel Aviv.

Peyton Stafford, VP, Library Services

Peyton specializes in working with book publishers and technology companies to create and implement successful library sales programs marked by rapid growth, solid profitability, and long-term sustainability. These have included a general book wholesaler, a public access computing firm, and a large print specialty publisher. He is passionate about discovering and creating new concepts to resolve difficult issues. Total BooX brings together his passion for creating new business models, his life-long love of books and learning, and his fascination with technology and how it can be used to make life better.

Alex Lumelsky - Senior Software Architect

Alex thrives on working in a dynamic industry. He joined Total Boox with an impressive track record of more that decade of research and development experience in online web services, cloud infrastacture and databases. Formerly an independent consultant and software developer in eCommerce, social marketing and gambling companies. He initiated and led the design and implementation of Total BooX website. Currently he is responsible for day-to-day operations that are directly related to accomplishing the company's objectives. His focus on implementation of software development methodologies to help the company with its ambitious growth plans.