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Public Library Service

The Total Boox public library service consists of the following:

  • Superior library service – all books always available to all patrons. Elimination of all waiting lines, holds, etc. Patrons can read online and offline. No expiration. Books never disappear from patrons' devices.
  • Efficient use of budgets - no need to buy books upfront. Payment only for what patrons actually read. No annual fees or maintenance fees.
  • Quality content - Over 20,000 books (and growing) from world class publishers in a wide array of subjects.
  • New useful information - librarians gain detailed insight on the interest and reading habits of their community.

Free Reading Zones

Using its technology and content, and working with external sponsors, Total Boox offers cities around the world the ability to designate specific spots, and convert them to reading-centric areas.

The Free Reading Zones (FREZ) project creates pre-defined areas where anyone can access ebooks at any time and read them to their heart's desire without worrying about availability, licensing, or payment. These are areas where culture is abundant, free for all, and easily accessible. In essence, FREZ is a city-wide effort to "endow" designated areas with culture through the act of reading.

The rich variety of ebooks provided will ensure that anyone can find something interesting or inspiring, be it a historical biography, a book of poems, a recent novel, a cook book or a page-turning thriller. These zones will remain under the jurisdiction of the organizers and can be turned "on" and "off", expanded, or diminished as needed.

In-Flight Entertainment

In the many hours passengers spend on planes, trains, buses and lounges, they are often offered a variety of entertainment options, mainly music, video and games. So far books have never been offered to travelers. Total Boox is working on changing this situation, and enabling any traveler to be able to spend their "captive" time finding and reading books that interest and entertain them.

Direct to Consumer

A revolutionary ebook distribution and consumption platform, with the following characteristics:

  • Total freedom of access – no cost to downloading book.
  • Gradual purchasing - users purchase a books as it is being read (e.g. read 15% of a book, from any part of the book, pay 15% of the price, and own the 15% read).
  • Excellent tools for managing personal libraries on mobile devices.
  • Online and offline reading.
  • Superior sharing capabilities.
  • Rich array of quality books from well-known publishers.