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Total BooX Publishers

How It Works

  • Publishers add ebooks to the Total Boox catalog.
  • Their entire inventory (backlist and frontlist) is made available to library patrons for instant discovery, without restrictions.
  • Libraries do not need to purchase ebooks in advance. Instead, they set a reading budget used to pay for actual reading.
  • Patrons download ebooks onto their Android, iOS, or Kindle device and read them (online or offline) using Total Boox’ free reading app.
  • Total Boox keeps track of all reading, charges libraries for pages read, and shares all proceeds with publishers quarterly.
  • If a patron reads 50 percent of a $20-ebook, the library is charged $10 for that reading. The patron may read the rest of the ebook at any time in the future as long as his/her library card is valid. If and when the patron completes the ebook, the library is charged $20.
  • All content paid for by the library remains on the patron’s device indefinitely.

Why It Works

  • Publishers and authors are compensated fairly because any time a page is read from any book, libraries pay for it. Publishers set the price once for everybody and need not give discounts to libraries.
  • Librarians give their patrons instant, simultaneous access to thousands of titles they wouldn’t otherwise purchase. This augments the library’s offerings significantly, allowing them to provide superior service while allowing publishers to monetize their backlists.
  • Both librarians and publishers are provided invaluable insight into reading patterns via Total Boox’ sophisticated real-time Dashboards, helping them improve curation, recommendation, and discovery of content. Patron privacy, however, is never compromised.

The Total Boox Difference

Purchase-Centric [other models]

Reading-Centric [Total Boox]

Only purchaser ebooks offered to patrons All ebooks offered to patrons
Instant access not guaranteed Instant access always guaranteed
Patrons must place holds and wait in lines No holds, no waiting lines
Limited number of simultaneous reading Infinite simultaneous reading allowed
Keep backlist largely undiscoverably Monetize backlist and create new revenue streams
Discounts for libraries No discounts for libraries
Focus on quality of content offered for upfront purchase Strong focus on quality; partnerships with established publishers only
Minimal information about reading patterns Deep insight into reading patterns
Minimal marketing efforts to reach patrons Maximum marketing efforts to reach patrond

Click here to download the Total Boox Guide for Publishers in PDF.