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Total Boox continues to receive media coverage in a wide variety of print and online sources covering the ebook marketplace, among them Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Information Today, No Shelf Required, eContent Quarterly, The Digital Reader, BookBusiness, Publishing Perspectives, Mashable, and the American Libraries Magazine.

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Total BooX is based on the premise that most of the usage limits that apply to physical books make no sense at all when applied to their digital counterparts. Only one person can read the book at a time? People have to wait for the book to come back? The book is now due whether or not you’ve finished it, and you can't renew it?...This is what disruption looks like, my friends. Everything you thought you knew must be thought through again. Ain’t we got fun?
James LaRue, writer, speaker, and consultant
...The model offers patrons unlimited simultaneous use with no loan expirations. All content read by patrons results in deductions from [library’s pre-paid] account, and all paid content then resides on the patron’s device... Unlimited simultaneous use will likely appeal to both patrons and many librarians.
Matt Enis, Library Journal
The pay-per-page approach could be the answer. Libraries need a model that goes beyond "one-copy, one-user" and doesn't rely on the size of the population served to determine the cost to libraries.
Tom West, Brazoria County Library, TX
For publishers and libraries alike [Total BooX] offers [a] valuable feature: analytics. It can provide reports not only on downloads but aggregate pages read for a given title. It can also tell which books people have started, then abandoned, while anonymizing data as much as possible.
Michael Kelley, Publishers Weekly
The system is logical — if you read 10% then you pay for 10%, if you read 100% you pay for 100%...Ease of distribution is a major plank of the platform.
Daniel Kalder, Publishing Perspectives
I think publishers would be really, really smart to let [libraries] have access to their whole inventory, because they’d make more money... Our readers are pretty voracious, but for us to pick things out for them, we’re really shooting in the dark - we’re not positive of what they want to read. If they had access to the entire inventory of a publisher [as is the case with Total Boox], they would find much more than we would be able to pick for them. That would make us buy more.
Jo Budler, State Librarian of Kansas
For Westchester Library System, the titles accessible through Total BooX supplement physical collections that are often difficult to build and support, including, for example, O’Reilly handbooks, which are in high demand and date quickly, as well as comics, graphic novels, and new age titles. Just think how much easier it is to promote these types of books by giving your patrons 24/7 access to them.
Terry Kirchner, Director, Westchester Library System, NY
We are excited about dramatically expanding our ebook collection with Total BooX, as there is no big upfront cost and no annual platform fee. We love the idea of paying only for what library users actually read.
Alice Knapp, Director, The Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT
We love the idea of paying only for what library users actually read. We are able to provide easy-to-use and widespread access to the entire collection while only paying for what patrons read.
John Taube, Allegany County Library System