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How does Total Boox work?

Total Boox offers a new model for reading: pay as you read. You can download as many ebooks as you want from a catalog of 40,000 titles, and pay only for what you actually read. No longer do you need to fear buying an ebook you will not like. You have the ability to stop reading and stop paying at any time and at any point in your reading journey.

Which devices do you support?

For private-pay customers, we support Android devices and Kindle Fire. Library patrons can also use iPads and iPad minis. Older devices may not be supported.

How are pages priced?

Pages are priced in proportion to the price of the ebook. If you read 10% of the ebook, you will pay 10% of the price. If a title has 300 pages, and you read 30 pages, then you will pay only ten percent of the price of the ebook. If you adjust the font size, our system will take that into account so that you still pay the same amount. We do not charge for portions of ebooks you skip over or flip through quickly, so you pay little or nothing when you just browse titles.

How do you charge me?

It’s similar to the 'Skype-out' model. You create a balance, using your credit card or PayPal account. As you read, we deduct the value of your reading from the balance. When your balance gets low, we ask you to top it up.

Where do you get your books?

We get our books from over thirty established publishers, including, Workman, Algonquin, New World Library, Sourcebooks, Other Press, Red Wheel/Weiser, O’Reilly, Berrett-Koehler, Elsevier, and F+W Media. Many more partnerships are on the horizon. New titles are added each week.

Can I read offline?

Yes. The ebooks are downloaded to your device and can be read offline. You need to be online only when you download ebooks.

What happens if I change to a different device?

Total Boox will update your collection automatically when you install our app on the new device.

What are reading shelves and how do I use them?

Reading shelves are collections of titles created by readers, publishers, and librarians (e.g., gluten-free diets; how to start your own business; beach reads; great adventures, etc.). Readers choose how many ebooks to add to their shelves, how to name them, and whether to keep them private or share them with others. Once a shelf is shared, anyone can see it and download it. Until then, it is private. If you create a shelf and someone else downloads it, then they will have to pay for their own reading. You will pay only for the reading that you do, not for anyone else’s.

Why can’t I find the book I’m looking for?

Our collection currently comprises about 30,000 titles, with new ebooks constantly being added. You can search by author, title or subject. If you cannot find the ebook you are looking for, consider exploring our interesting shelves where you can find great ebooks and pay only for what you actually read. If you would like to suggest a purchase, feel free to drop us a line at

Is there a free sample?

Yes. When you create your account we give you $2.00 of free reading. Thereafter, you must pay for the pages you read. Total Boox was created to give you, the reader, the ability to pay only for what you want to read. No longer need you fear buying an ebook you will not like. You have the ability to stop reading and stop paying at any time and at any point in your reading journey. Since you are only paying for what you actually read, you can choose any area of the ebook to start your investigation.

How do you protect my privacy?

We do not share information about your reading activities and interests with third parties. We use technological methods including encryption to protect your data.

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