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Your Body: How To Burn Fat and Build Muscle by Tyler Lacoma

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Most people can get behind the idea of looking great and having an attractive physical appearance. To most, that means having less body fat and more muscle tissue. As we all know, replacing fat deposits with muscle tissue isn’t easy. It involves adjusting your lifestyle, making diet changes, engaging in exercise, and using certain nutritional supplements that will speed up the process. If you’re willing to make the necessary changes and put in some hard work, you’ll be able to gain the physique you desire.

Before you start your journey towards a leaner, more muscular and attractive body structure, it is useful to gain basic knowledge of essential fat loss and muscle-building techniques. If you are a beginner in the field of fitness and have no prior knowledge of nutrition, exercise routines, and supplements, then this is where you need to start. Here you’ll read about diet and exercise routines that really work, plus tips and tricks that make the process more effective and enjoyable.


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After you follow the basic steps that include a healthy diet, an exercise regimen and nutritional supplements, you may still benefit from a few special tricks that will enhance the effectiveness of your fitness program.

Increase your consumption of green tea. Besides being having a great taste, green tea is rich in theanine and antioxidants. Theanine increases your metabolism and enhances the productivity of your brain. Antioxidants protect your tissues from damage by toxic substances that will inevitably be produced in your muscles during your workout sessions.

Avoid over-training. This situation occurs when a person is excessively enthusiastic about achieving fast results, so he or she engages in intense workout without proper rest between them. This can lead to muscle damage, emotional and physical exhaustion and even depression. Take your time and set realistic goals. If you feel no motivation to exercise, feel exhausted and emotionally unstable, these may be the first signs of over-training. Take three or more days off until returning to your normal exercise routine.

Take arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that is naturally present in high-protein foods and several nutrition supplements. Besides being a component of muscle proteins, like other amino acids, it has a special property that is very useful for your fitness goals. Arginine facilitates the release of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This hormone stimulates the growth of children, and its production decreases with age. HGH promotes the production of new proteins and muscle growth.

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