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Unlock Your Dog's Potential by Sarah Fisher

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Book Description

Transform your dog's life and behavior using Sarah Fisher's unique and effective methods

  • Strengthen your bond with simple step-by-step exercises, invaluable training advice, handling and bodywork exercises to improve your dog's well-being

  • Develop an understanding of how tensions and blocked awareness can affect your dog and how you can change them to ensure your dog leads a longer, happier and stress-free life

  • Reduce unwanted behavior such as lead pulling, barking and chewing using simple and effective management techniques

  • Learn how to look for symptoms of stress and concern in your dog and increase your own skills and confidence

    • ISBN: 9780715335321 |
    • Hardcover: 128 pages |
    • Publisher: F+W Media |
    • Publication date: |
    • Language: English |
    • Format: Ebook