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The Naked Diet Plan - Dr. Oz's Plan for Realizing Your Best Self (Fitness, Weight Loss, Wellness) by Serge Uri

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Every woman wants to be attractive and healthy, but not many are able to stay in great shape without spending time and energy dieting and exercising. Of course, most women are busy developing their careers and taking care of their partners and children, which leaves very little free time to take care of their own health.

The great number of diets and exercise regimens available on the Internet and in various magazines can create confusion and anxiety rather than providing clear answers. The programs purport to save time and produce fast results, but few have a scientific foundation. Fortunately, there are a few diets designed by highly trained medical professionals who dedicate their time to designing comprehensive and easy-to-follow plans based on medical evidence rather than on unverified facts. The Naked Diet Plan, designed by Dr. Mehmet Oz, is a great option for people who are tired of run-of-the-mill fad diets.


Banaba is a plant that contains several biologically active compounds that effectively lower blood sugar and prevent formation of new fat deposits. According to a 2011 study conducted by experts at Creighton University, Medical Center, Omaha, NE, and published in the Phytotherapy Research Journal, Banaba supplementation causes a decrease in blood sugar through an enhanced uptake of sugar by cells. Additionally, Banaba leaf tea is effective in lowering blood cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-viral properties. It means that regular Banaba leaf tea consumption reduces inflammation in the body, protects the tissues against oxidation and damage by toxic substances and prevents viral infections. Dr. Oz recommends consumption of one or two cups of Banaba leaf tea per day.

Acetic acid is a natural nutritional component found in vinegar and pickles. It is produced through a process of fermentation by human-friendly bacteria. Medical researchers have observed that countries were vinegar consumption is high have lower rates of obesity. Further medical research confirmed that acetic acid containing products stimulate the burning of fat by activating certain genes responsible for acceleration of metabolism....

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