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The Mammoth Encyclopedia of the Unsolved by Colin Wilson

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Now available in one tremendous volume is a compelling and remarkable history spanning over two thousand years of the greatest unsolved mysteries known to mankind, including: Atlantis � the Bermuda Triangle � Bigfoot � crop circles � crystal skulls � the Holy Shroud of Turin � the Hope Diamond and other cursed jewels � the mystery of the Mary Celeste � mummies and their curses � poltergeists � sea monsters � spontaneous human combustion � Tunguska and other falling meteors � vampires � zombies Includes a mystery never examined before - the missing maps of Atlantis Colin Wilson is an acknowledged expert in the field of the unexplained and is in constant demand by the media Colin has a track record of proven successes with the Mammoth series, including, most recently, The Mammoth Book of Murder

  • ISBN: 9781780337050 |
  • Publisher: Constable & Robinson |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook