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The Everything Wheat-Free Diet Cookbook by Lauren Kelly

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Book Description

You'll never miss the wheat!

Today's supermarket is full of overprocessed wheat products that can leave you feeling tired, bloated, and uncomfortable. And grains have been linked to chronic inflammation, which is in turn linked to arthritis, allergies, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Nutritionist Lauren Kelly shows you just how easy it is to cook healthy, wheat-free meals without sacrificing flavor, with recipes like:

  • The best grain-free banana bread ever
  • Sicilian eggplant rolls
  • Fiesta lime lentil salad
  • Sesame-crusted chicken breasts
  • Scalloped potatoes with leeks and proscuitto
  • Hot and spicy turkey meatballs
  • Sausage and asparagus risotto
  • Crab cakes with garlic aioli sauce
  • Marinated spicy beef and baby spinach
  • Classic polenta with herbs and parmesan
  • Tropical fruit salsa with brown rice chips
  • Dark chocolate coconut scones
Whether you have a wheat allergy, an intolerance to wheat, or you just want to cut out inflammation-causing foods from your diet, The Everything Wheat-Free Diet Cookbook gives you 300 delicious, easy, wheat-free ideas for any meal.

  • ISBN: 9781440556814 |
  • Hardcover: 304 pages |
  • Publisher: F+W Media |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook