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The Endocrine Function of the Human Testis

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The Endocrine Function of the Human Testis, Volume 1, contains papers that comprise the series of lectures given in a short course on the "Endocrine Function of the Human Testis" which was organized by the Post-Graduate School of Endocrinology in the University of Florence. The course was held in two parts, the first on April 25-27 and the second on October 24-26, 1972. The topics which were covered were: methods for the assay of androgens; binding of androgens in plasma; metabolism of testosterone; the chemistry, biology, and radioimmunoassay of hypophiseal gonadotrophins; the mechanism of control of the secretion of pituitary gonadotrophins; and the biosynthesis of androgens in the human testis.

  • ISBN: 9781483257907 |
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