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The Complete Guide to Overcoming Eating Disorders, Perfectionism and Low Self-Esteem (ebook bundle) by Christopher Freeman

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The perfect resource for psychologists and therapists treating eating disorders Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge and disordered eating, affect a significant proportion of the general population. They can cause untold suffering to those with the disorder, and those around them, who find themselves at a loss how to help their loved one. For the first time, this unique bundle combines hope and inspiration to those experiencing eating disorders either first-hand or up close. Includes: self-help programmes for the eating disorders and the inspirational diary of recovery written by an ex-sufferer of Anorexia Nervosa, now a Youth Ambassador for Beat, the Eating Disorders association. Overcoming Anorexia Originally developed as a manual for anorexia patients at his eating disorders clinic in the Royal Edinburgh hospital, Chris Freeman's book is the first self-help guide based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to address this most notorious and widespread of eating disorders. It is based on the treatment the author has used successfully with hundreds of patients over a number of years. CBT is now an internationally established method of treating emotional disorders such as anorexia, depression and panic by changing negative patterns of thought. Overcoming Bulimia Nervosa & Binge-Eating Now in its second edition, Peter Cooper's sympathetic and highly acclaimed self-help guide gives a clear explanation of the disorder and the serious health issues that can result from it. He describes the treatments available today and, most importantly, sets out a step-by-step self-help programme for those who want to tackle their difficulties for themselves or with their therapist. This is a real chance for sufferers to take the road to recovery, and will give their friends and family a much clearer understanding of the illness and its remedy. Overcoming Perfectionism Perfectionism can be healthy but when it becomes unhealthy and turns into 'clinical perfectionism' (sometimes referred to as 'dysfunctional perfectionism') is can cause serious problems, including eating disorders. Those suffering from clinical perfectionism tend to judge themselves predominantly in terms of the pursuit and attainment of personally demanding standards and often feel unable to be flexible and change their goals, despite the significant negative impact that the pursuit of perfectionism may have on their quality of life. This practical self-help manual offers a step-by-step programme to recovery based on CBT. Overcoming Low Self-Esteem A self-help classic, winning acclaim for its practical and user-friendly approach and now recommended on the NHS's self-help scheme known as Books on Prescription. This book will help readers to understand what has caused their low self-esteem and, with this knowledge, break out of the vicious circle of negative self-image, learn the art of self-acceptance and alter their lives for the better. Mealtimes & Milestones An astonishingly moving and mature account of a young woman's struggle with anorexia nervosa, a serious mental illness affecting 1.1 million people in the UK. At fourteen years of age, Constance Barter was admitted as an in-patient to a specialist eating disorders unit where she remained for seven months. During that time, she kept a diary which sheds light on what it means to have anorexia, how it affects your life, and how it is not just a faddy diet or attention seeking disorder. Constance is an example to anyone suffering from this potentially life-threatening illness that with perseverance and support it can be beaten and sufferers can go on and lead a fulfilling, everyday life. This inspirational diary will help and inspire other sufferers to seek help and overcome their illness as well as providing an invaluable insight into the nature of the illness to families and friends.

  • ISBN: 9781472107374 |
  • Hardcover: 600 pages |
  • Publisher: Constable & Robinson |
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  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook