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The Complete Guide to Investing in Bonds and Bond Funds by Martha Maeda

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Bonds have long been a reliable investment in the financial market. Now, with the economy a little less certain than it has been in past decades, the demand for a secure place to invest money has lead to resurgence in investing in bonds for many investors. Because there are many peculiarities in bond investment, you must have a basic understanding of the market, the bond issuer, how to measure rates of return, and how to maximize your rate and minimize your risk. The Complete Guide to Investing in Bonds and Bond Funds is the ideal handbook to start investing and earning massive returns on bonds. You will learn everything the savvy investor needs to know to effectively turn a high-risk portfolio into a consistently growing, steadily developing source of wealth. You will learn how bonds operate on a very basic level, including the numerous different kinds of bonds and how bond funds can be a highly lucrative option. You will learn the fundamental differences between government, municipal, and corporate bonds and how much of a return you can expect from each. You will learn the basic methods of valuation and yield that bonds are measured by and how you can evaluate bonds with three basic steps. You will be guided through determining a bond’s face value, coupon rate, and sale price, as well as the rating, insurance, maturity, callability, and taxes that might be associated with the bond. The importance of interest rates, inflation, and supply and demand in affecting the yield of your bonds will be detailed as well to ensure you make a careful investment. For any investor who has been agonizing over how to safely invest money for a high return, The Complete Guide to Investing in Bonds and Bond Funds is for you; it will guide you through the complex — but rewarding — world of bonds.

  • ISBN: 9781601385284 |
  • Hardcover: 336 pages |
  • Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group Inc |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook