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Synthetic Analgesics by Paul A. J. Janssen

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Synthetic Analgesics, Part I: Diphenylpropylamines deals with the methods of synthesis, the physical and chemical properties, and the ""analgesic"" activity of diphenylpropylamines. Topics covered include the ""analgesic"" activity of methadone, morphine, pethidine, and codeine in animals; diamines and derivatives; R875 and related basic tertiary amides; esters derived from amino acids and secondary and tertiary alcohols; and ketimines, acyl ketimines, and ketones.
This book is comprised of 21 chapters and begins with a brief background on the first chemical and pharmacological experiments on diphenylpropylamines, followed by a discussion on ""analgesic"" activity in humans and animals. The ""analgesic"" activity of methadone, morphine, pethidine, and codeine in animals is considered. The following chapters explore a variety of compounds such as 3:3-diphenylpropylamines, tertiary alcohols, secondary alcohols, primary alcohols, nitriles, diamines and derivatives, primary and secondary amides, acids and acid chlorides, and aldehydes. Sulfones, dissociation constants, and configurational studies are also described.
This monograph will be a useful resource for researchers and practitioners in the fields of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and pharmacology.

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