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Silvio Berlusconi: A Biography by Steven Needham

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Silvio Berlusconi is a polarizing politician who is sometimes adored and sometimes reviled by the people of Italy and by others around the world. An extremely wealthy and powerful man, Berlusconi rose to the top of European society and wielded considerable political influence over the country for over seventeen years. A media mogul, Berlusconi became an international celebrity due to his personal charisma and charm. Handsome and smooth, Berlusconi was very popular with women and his considerable libido led to many personal scandals.

Born into fairly modest circumstances, Berlusconi consolidated power and political influence and formed a coalition that maintained control of the Italian government for over a decade. He was often accused of dishonest or illegal connections and may have even had ties to the Mafia. Many Italians loved their Prime Minister, but when the Italian economy began to falter, Berlusconi's life began to look debased and overly hedonistic. His selfish behavior sent a message that that he cared little for his fellow countrymen. When he was forced to resign in 2012, Berlusconi left the Italian government in shame but he still remains one of that country's wealthiest citizens. This is his bizarre story from his mild-mannered beginnings to the present day.

  • ISBN: 9781614645894 |
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