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Red Headed Geek by Billy C. Wirtz

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Book Description

Neither an exposé of the dark underbelly of wrestling nor a justification of its existence, Red Headed Geek is a loving, firsthand look inside the regional wrestling circuits of yesteryear by a former manager who’s been tossed from the ring, bashed with a folding chair, and had painfully honest conversations with the wrestlers themselves. Billy C. Wirtz gives a distinct view of the strange world of wrestling, offering a look into the actual workings of the business and the underlying reasons for its popularity, as well as an explanation for its status as an often maligned and misunderstood subculture and its vital role in American working-class entertainment. He recounts his painful “on-the-job” training—explaining certain practices and dispelling some commonly held myths and beliefs—and discusses his personal and professional relationships with wrestlers such as the Fabulous Moolah, Diamond Lil, Sir Oliver Humperdink, and dozens of others, from the legendary to the never-heard-ofs. The book also contains a glossary of wrestling slang for those who aren’t as familiar with the sport. For the die-hard fan or the total nonbeliever, this book presents one man’s honest perspective and observations on a fascinating subculture.

  • ISBN: 9781615473335 |
  • Hardcover: 225 pages |
  • Publisher: Holy Macro! Books |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook