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Quicklet on Savannah Page's Bumped to Berlin (CliffNotes-like Summary) by William  Kryjak

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“I’m going to live here one day,” I said in a dreamlike state.

Bumped to Berlin is the premiere novel from Savannah Page, an American expatriate living in Berlin, Germany. The book is a quick read, and the perfect travel companion for anyone, especially if traveling abroad. Savannah offers insight into a multitude of aspects of German culture including: fashion, insurance, and even the saturation of babies in the proud city of Berlin. Her inspiration stems from her natural ability as a story teller, and when the time comes “to make 10115 (their) permanent postal code,” the story can no longer be held back.

Savanna likens her learning how to become a Berliner to an artist, working within a medium to achieve a delicate transcendence. She begins by explaining that she is not a native Berliner, yet wishes to become one and master this art. When Christian (her husband) and she arrive in the city, she is not proficient in the language, cannot drive stick and therefore does not have a German driver's permit, and still uses her Oklahoma driver's license as her main form of identification. How is Savannah ever going to learn how to paint her masterpiece when she is missing half the colors?


William Kryjak is a professional writer based out of Hartford, CT. He loves hockey and science fiction.


Bumped to Berlin is not a travel guide. It's not a journal, or diary with sequential entries mulling over the minutiae of everyday life in another country. It is an honest account of a born and raised American planting new roots in a completely foreign country, and the various adjustments she is forced to make to successfully assimilate into the culture of Berlin, Germany.

Savannah begins by explaining how she came to write her premiere novel, and the circumstances that landed her in overseas. From there the book is split up into chapters, each one describing the ins and outs of a different piece of German culture. The topics range from the complexities of German fashion to the simple task of grocery shopping, and each is treated with equal importance. Personality is injected into each anecdote to make for a truly compelling story. By the end of the novel, don't be surprised if you find yourself booking a flight, excited to discover the wonders of Berlin firsthand.

There is certainly no lack when it comes to one of man's most basic desire: food. It may come as a surprise that even in a modern society the act of simply purchasing groceries can be much different in another country. Savannah learns this the hard way, as she struggles to even carry her food back home. This problem is eventually solved upon the arrival of Sally II, a trolley she uses to bring things through the city's different means of public transportation...

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  • ISBN: 9781614641742 |
  • Hardcover: 25 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook