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Quicklet on Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin and Robert Cialdini's Yes! by Paula  Braun

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The central theme of the book Yes! is that anyone can become more persuasive by learning about the science behind what makes people agree to requests.

Yes! includes 50 strategies to help you build authentic relationships, strengthen your communications, and create outcomes that are mutually beneficial. Like tools in a toolbox, some of these strategies are easy to implement and others take a lifetime to master.

The book draws from the success of Robert Cialdinis bestseller, Influence, and uses Cialdinis six universal principles of social influence as a foundation.


Paula Braun is a recovering bureaucrat. On a whim, she took a one-year assignment in Iraq and followed it with another one-year assignment in Afghanistan. After that, she needed a break, so she semi-retired and joined a bridge club. To support her bridge habit, she entered the glamorous world of freelance writing. You can follow Paula on twitter @paula_braun, friend her on Facebook, or read her lenses on Squidoo:


The authors define persuasion as all efforts to to influence others to shift their attitudes or behaviors in a direction that results in positive outcomes for both parties. That last phrase bears repeating: positive outcomes for both parties. Yes! is about persuading people in ethical and honest ways. If youre only interested in short-term gains or manipulating people, look elsewhere.

Each of the 50 chapters includes successful persuasion strategies, which have been proven scientifically to be effective.

The first main category of techniques fall under the principle of social proof, which asserts that people tend to follow in the footsteps of their peers, even when their peers behaviors are undesirable.

The next group of techniques include specific factors that motivate people to take action. Want people to opt-in? Provide fewer options. Want to entice your customers with a free prize? Make sure the value of the gift is clear but offered at no cost to show your appreciation. Want people to chose a higher-end product? Offer at least two other options: the highest end and an inferior product that meets the customers basic needs. Want to tap into the persuasive power of fear? Offer a specific plan of attack.


Quicklet on Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin and Robert Cialdini's Yes!

Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin and Robert Cialdini's Yes!

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