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Quicklet on Modern Family Season 2 by Megan  Yarnall

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In this day and age, the definition of "family" is not fixed. Modern Family shows that a family can represent the traditions of family even if they themselves are anything but traditional. The Pritchett family is made up of step-kids, step-parents, mixed races, same sex parents, and adopted children. Nonetheless, the foundations of family and do so in their own hilarious way.

Modern Family is a mockumentary which showcases the Pritchett family and their loveable dysfunction. The Pritchett clan is made up of three separate families: Claire and Phil, with their three children Hayley, Alex and Luke, Claires father Jay and his second wife Gloria and stepchild Manny, and Claires brother Mitch and his husband, Cam, along with their adopted daughter Lily.


Megan Yarnall is a publicist and writer from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She studied English, creative writing, and Italian at Dickinson College, and wrote her thesis on the connections between humans, their bodies, and language. She graduated in 2010 after spending four years organizing all of her colleges concerts. Megan has lived abroad in Italy and loves studying foreign language, linguistics, and writing. Shes also spent some time working for an environmental company and writing about all things green. In her spare time she horseback rides, rock climbs, and travels. Megan also likes hiking through Acadia National Park, warm weather, photography, and doing her own DIY projects.


The second season of Modern Family pictures the family developing further with more cross over between couples, sibling arguments and comical documentation of growing pains. The producers and writings do an excellent job of keeping the kids in line with the development you would see out of a TV show, rather than have them stuck in a certain age as happens with other shows.

First and foremost, Alex and Haley begin showing the occasional sisterly bond, as rough as it may be at times. In one episode, Haley coaches Alex through a new friendship, and in another, through trying to get her first kiss. Though both instances end in disaster, Haley means well. It becomes clear that while Alex generally holds disdain for her sister, Haley can advise her on things like friends and boys.

The sisterly fighting is still ever present, with Alex trying to expose Haleys fake job and with her comments about her sisters lackluster academic career. Haley also wont let Alex borrow clothes, and when Alex wears a sweater and accidentally ruins it, all hell breaks loose.


Modern Family Season 2

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  • ISBN: 9781614646891 |
  • Hardcover: 42 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
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