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Quicklet on Michael Pollan's Place of My Own: The Architecture of Daydreams by Vivian  Choi

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“A Place of My Own is the biography of a building,” writes Michael Pollan by way of introduction. In the preface of the 2008 edition, Mr. Pollan reflects on his motivations for building a hut in his backyard. He had reasons that many of us can relate to. As we spend more and more of our days at desks, in front of screens, in shopping malls and grocery stores, we become more removed from nature and the process of creating tangible things.

Mr. Pollan embarks on journey to build a house, from beginning to end, from design to construction. Along the way, he learns about the history and philosophy of architecture and, of course, the practicalities of actually building a structure. He warns us, however, that this is not a how-to book. While readers may be inspired to build a house after reading his book, they would be well-advised to seek instruction elsewhere.


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Different people have different requirements of the space in which they daydream. Bachelard envisioned a comfortable space set apart from others, perhaps just a comfortable chair by the fire or an attic. Virginia Woolf also wrote about a space for daydreaming in her book, A Room of One’s Own, from which the title of this chapter is derived. For her, “A lock one the door means the power to think for oneself.” The idea of a room of one’s own in which to think and create in private actually had its origins in the Renaissance. It is thought that there was a reciprocity between the space in which individuals daydreamed and developed their sense of self and the spaces that they then created.

Charles R. Myer

Unlike the preceding daydreamers, Pollan dreams of an entire building rather than a room within a house. On the simplest level, he wanted to build a hut because the architect helping to renovate his house mentioned that the view from the upstairs window needed a destination for the eye to see. A bench would help, but a little structure would be even better!

Here we are introduced to Charles R. Myer, a college friend of Pollan’s. He is described as a true architect with an architect’s attention to detail and image hidden beneath a carefully engineered facade of casual rumple. Myer is helping them renovate their home in Conneticut. They are four months behind schedule and onto their second mortgage...

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