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Quicklet on Lisa Petrilli's The Introvert's Guide to Success in Business and Leadership by Kelly  Cooper

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“We have the power to change the world with our ideas, and we have the power to change the lives of others through our quiet leadership and steadfast approach.”

Introverts are idea people. We are great listeners and friends, and form meaningful relationships in our personal and professional lives. That’s the good news. The flip side is that we often struggle with two additional “i” words; invisible and interrupted. We attempt to outpace our work peers with diligence, optimism, and commitment. And we are somewhat surprised to see coworkers earning praise for the visible implementation step of a plan for which we seeded the initial idea, gaining recognition for leadership of a team where we contributed most or all of the behind-the-scenes work, and moving up the organization while we are acknowledged in our supporting role. Supporting? Really?

The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership offers author Lisa Petrilli’s experience and advice for overcoming some of the obstacles faced by introverts in networking, interviewing, leading, and excelling in leadership positions. Lisa discusses how introverted and extroverted leaders are both great in leadership and in business; however, introverts may struggle to reach the executive level. In part, introverts are less comfortable seeking the visibility required for company-wide recognition. In part, discomfort with networking effectively and an uneasiness in asking for new opportunities creates fewer opportunities for recognition.


Kelly Cooper is currently bringing six cooking-related products to market as well as the cookbook Cookies for Grown-Ups (Red Rock Press). Her day jobs include coding for Zen Entertainment and teaching Web Development at West Valley College. She enjoys reading and writing on ideas, technology, philosophy, sociology, and business.


I smile inside when I mention to an extrovert than I’m an introvert. Before I finish the sentence the extrovert’s face lights up and he or she begins what seems like a five minute one-sided, fun-based, fact-bending rendition of how there is no way I’m an introvert. I listen and attempt to offer a few bytes of data to the conversation, which brings merriment and another round of reasoning I hear as enthusiastic and watch as hand gestures.

Over the years, I’ve explained that introvert does not equate to shy and that I’m simply better in one-on-one or small group relationships. I wonder if this friend or coworker ever noticed that I am the one cooking or doing dishes at a friends and family gathering, taking notes in a meeting, or organizing requirements on development projects.

My husband, an extrovert, seems to understand, although reluctantly because I talk a blue streak with him. When he asks what I’m thinking, if I say “nothing” he smiles and says, “not possible.”

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  • Hardcover: 26 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
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