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Quicklet on Homer's The Iliad (CliffNotes-like Summary, Analysis, and Review) by Jean  Asta

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At the heart of The Iliad, Homers fantastical epic of gods and larger-than-life heroes, there beats the essence of the human drama in all of its complexity. In its epic scope, the story caters to nearly every kind of literary taste by providing a unique mix of action, politics, romance, mythology, and spirituality. If one were so inclined, it is even possible to draw some lessons in self-help out of this story.

The Iliad, in vivid detail, illustrates what it means to appreciate life by showing the horrors and brutality of war. In doing so, it provides lessons in love, duty, honor, courage, and loyalty. The characters inspired me through their unwavering dedication to the ideals which they held in such high regard. Even amidst the corrupt ambitions of power-hungry leaders and even the fickle nature of the gods, the heroes believed enough in themselves to know that their actions, as individuals and as unified people, could change the world. They believedif they fought, if they loved, if they lived, if they diedthat their deeds would be worthy of being remembered well after the chaos of their own circumstances. If this message of transcendence held no truth, then The Iliad itself would not have endured down through the centuries.


Jean Asta is the owner of Asta Communications, a freelance communications company providing writing, editing, and training services for clients around the globe. She has a BA in English Literature and a Master's in Public Administration, both from the University of Georgia.


The Iliad is primarily about war and the reasons people fight. Its themes and images, though viewed from an ancient Greek perspective, are penetrating and applicable to a range of life scenarios, both on and off the battlefield. Its depth and attention to detail have been praised by countless readers, and the work has spawned numerous translations and adaptations in literature, theatre, and film. Part mythological tale, part romance, part historical recordthe work, in essence, is an amalgam of the human experience.

In ancient times, The Iliads depiction of the interaction between gods and men was considered fact, and the various supernatural occurrences, which may seem over the top by modern standards, were entirely acceptable explanations for the events which transpire. Stripped of these elements, however, there remains the classic underdog narrative. A smaller power is on the verge of complete annihilation by an exponentially larger force and must persevere no matter how hopeless the situation may seem. The underlying idea has been celebrated throughout history, whether through entirely fictional conflicts like the Battle of Helms Deep in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings or through romanticized versions of historical encounters like those captured in Luo Guanzhongs Romance of the Three Kingdoms at the Battle of Red Cliff, or even Frank Millers 300, which follows the Spartans and the Battle of Thermopylae. The Iliad gains the distinction of being one of the oldest works to tackle the nature of such conflict and, thus, may be considered the standard by which this type of story is measured...

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Quicklet On Homer’s “The Iliad”

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