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Quicklet on Francis Chan's Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God (CliffNotes-like Summary) by Teirrah  McNair

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“As Francis so brilliantly illustrates, the life that Jesus calls us to is absolute craziness to the world. Sure, it’s fine and politically correct to believe in God, but to really love Him is a whole different story.”

This signature quote by worship leader Chris Tomlin written in the Foreword to Crazy Love, is a perfect starting place for getting an understanding of Francis Chan’s powerful work and the significance of it in our culture. I like that Tomlin refers to what Chan does, first and foremost, as illustration. That’s insightful because although Crazy Love is rich with controversy, if we dare to view it from the onset through the lens of the term illustrator we are much more likely to enjoy the ride. In common usage, illustrate means to paint a picture that captures or enables us to see the words. Writers at defines

illustrate as, “to clarify or explain by use of examples, explain or decorate with pictures; to enlighten.” With that said then, Chan stands as one man with a “paint brush” a vision and a point of view, all of which bow to his experiences, both spiritual and natural.


Teirrah McNair is a college graduate who has been writing for stage, video and publications for over 20 years. A former youth pastor and educator, McNair penned over 25 short plays for children as artist in residence in California and Alaska.


Cornerstone Church has not been the same since, and now loves its neighbors in contributing over 55% of the church’s income to charitable causes.

Chan, the always controversial and beaming proud dad, has moved on, and is now living and loving his neighbors in San Francisco through an organization called San Francisco City Impact.

The long list of projects in San Francisco, Simi Valley and globally clearly demonstrate that Chan has a heart for impacting the community he lives in. The busy author, speaker, teacher and neighborhood improvement specialist has penned two additional books for adults, Forgotten God and Erasing Hell as well as three children’s books...

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  • ISBN: 9781614649168 |
  • Hardcover: 27 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
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  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook