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Quicklet on Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls (CliffsNotes-like Summary, Analysis, and Commentary) by EmmaLee  McCrickett

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Que puta es la guerra, Agustin said. War is a bitchery.

For Whom the Bell Tolls is considered by many to be Ernest Hemingways best work. While that is certainly open to debate, the fact that it was the best selling work of his prolific career is not. For Whom the Bell Tolls struck a chord with readers worldwide, as they followed hero Robert Jordan into the Spanish mountains, fell in love with Maria, fought the fascists along side the partizan rebels, and lay broken and bloody on a mountainside, waiting, with him.


The next day, low flying enemy planes are seen. Determined to carry on, Robert Jordan goes with Pilar and Maria to meet the leader of another rebel band nearby. On the way, Pilar shares stories of the violent beginnings of the revolution. The other leader, El Sordo, agrees to assist Robert Jordan with the bridge. On the return trip, Pilar leaves Robert Jordan and Maria and they again make love. Both claim to have felt the earth move.

The next day El Sordos group is killed by fascists. With their numbers cut in half, Robert Jordan sends a message to Golz to call off the attack.

A snow storm begins and the rebels must stay in the cave. There are some tense words between Robert Jordan and Pablo, and Robert Jordan even considers killing Pablo. Pablo manages to convince everyone he is on their side. When the snow ends, Robert Jordan goes back outside to sleep and Maria follows him.

The next day, Robert Jordan awakes to the sound of an approaching cavlaryman. He kills him and the others scramble to ready for a possible attack. They hear the sounds of an emerging battle over at El Sordos hill. They listen as their allies are killed, unable to come to their aid without giving away their position...

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