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Quicklet on Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love (CliffNotes-like Book Summary) by Megan  Yarnall

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It’s rare that one can take a year or so away from family, friends, and work to travel the globe. It’s even more rare that someone can write an eloquent book that documents every minute of that travel, the glamorous moments and the scary moments, and make you feel like you were along for the ride. In Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert does just that, sharing herself with the world just as the world has shared itself with her.

Elizabeth – or Liz, by which she goes – has taken millions of readers along on her journey across Italy, India and Indonesia. She delves first into Italian culture and shows readers what it’s like to learn a language by yourself in a foreign country. She writes about the joy of making friends, the pain of staying abstinent, and the delicious decision to eat as much as possible with a comic humor that shows kindness to herself and readers struggling with similar issues: divorce, heartbreak, and loss. Across India and Indonesia, Liz continues showing her readers the possibilities of what can come when we forgive others and treat ourselves with love.


Megan Yarnall is a publicist and writer from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She studied English, creative writing, and Italian at Dickinson College, and wrote her thesis on the connections between humans, their bodies, and language. She graduated in 2010 after spending four years organizing all of her college’s concerts. Megan has lived abroad in Italy and loves studying foreign language, linguistics, and writing. She’s also spent some time working for an environmental company and writing about all things green. In her spare time she horseback rides, rock climbs, and travels. Megan also likes hiking through Acadia National Park, warm weather, photography, and doing her own DIY projects.


Eat, Pray, Love has been touted as a guide for living well for women across the world. After the book quickly became an international bestseller, Liz was named by Time as one of the most influential people in the world in 2008.

Eat Pray Love is especially popular among women, since it follows Liz’s experience as a woman exploring foreign countries and recovering from divorce and heartbreak. Many readers saw themselves in Liz and realized that the problems they were dealing were not singular. The book was published around the time when practices such as yoga and meditation were becoming household words, and Liz’s experience also served to prove their worth and practicality for a calming, healing lifestyle.

Readers also got a taste of pure pleasure as Liz traveled the globe. In Italy she was able to soak herself in delicious, rich food and a delicious, rich language. In India, Liz focused on healing herself, with no distractions to interrupt her thoughts. And in Indonesia, Liz enjoyed the beautiful weather, exercise, and a small house to herself.

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  • Hardcover: 17 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
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  • Language: English |
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