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Quicklet on Brad Steiger and Sherry Steiger's Conspiracies and Secret Societies by Jason  Stewart

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Since the mid-twentieth century, popular media and culture has become more and more focused on vast conspiracies which surround the average person. Many of these theories revolve around the belief that strange and sometimes threatening forces are in control of events and decisions made by governments, business leaders and even entertainment figures. The term “conspiracy theory” has entered the mainstream mindset. Some use “conspiracy theory” as a derogitory label to characterize theories as absurd, while others see the label as a point of insight and wonder.

In their book Conspiracies and Secret Societies, Brad and Sherry Steiger have set out to document and briefly explain the majority of these “theories” as well as cataloguing many of the reported actors alleged to be behind these activities. With over 450 entries, Conspiracies and Secret Societies claims to be the largest single volume every dedicated to subjects that by all accounts should remain secret.


Jason Stewart is a Northern California-based public relations/marketing professional. He holds degrees in Political Science and Comparative Religion. When he's not writing or reading, you can find him riding around with something radioactive in his trunk.


Masonic Freemasons: Originally a society of skilled craft workers formed in the 16th century to provide lodging and shelter for traveling workers. Reportedly was reorganized into a religious based mystery-system organization focused on achieving “enlightenment” through symbols and architecture. Members are long rumored to have a secret, perhaps sinister influence on world events and leaders. The organization is also reffered to as Masons. Members of the freemasons are present today, and proudly display their masonic allegiance.

The Knights Templar: Order of Christian knights formed by the Catholic Church during the Crusades period. The order were reportedly disbanded and its members excommunicated in 1312. The order is rumored to have survived disbanding and to have melded into such organizations as the Masonic Freemasons. The group is also refferred to as Templars.

The Illuminati: Group of freethinkers and agnostics formed in Bavaria in 1776. The organization was reportedly banned throughout the Austrian Empire in 1785. Rumors persist that the group still exists and is working behind the scenes to create a “New World Order.” The Illuminati are often confused with a separate secret society, Masonic Freemasonry...

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