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Quicklet on 60 Minutes Entertainment Profiles: Meryl Streep by The Hyperink  Team

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60 Minutes 2011 interview with Meryl Streep, The Many Faces of Meryl Streep, gives remarkable insight into the values and aspirations of the world-class actress. She may be considered one of Americas most talented movie stars, but shes more normal than you might think. Streep has personal struggles, strong beliefs, and a keen desire to work hard and change the world for the better.

Meryl Streep has described herself as being "dutiful," always driven to do the right thing. What woman doesn't strive to be as successful as she can, both professionally and personally, while leaving a legacy others will respect? As gracious as she is self confident, Streep not only highlights her own personal rise to notoriety, she also speaks of many inspirational figures throughout her interview. From high-profile people such as Margaret Thatcher, who changed the course of female leadership, to a slave woman who changed the course of history for future generations, Streep always finds inspiration even as her own remarkable, purpose-driven life is inspiring to others.


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Meryl Streep, who has received two Oscars and was just nominated for the 17th time for her riveting portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, is certainly on the royal list of the worlds most accomplished actors. Most Americans are quite familiar with Meryl Streeps well-documented career, so Morley Safer focused his 60 Minutes interview on lesser-known aspects of Streeps personal and professional life.

Safer began by chatting with Streep about her early career, her family life, and her goals as an actor. He takes us through Streep's humble rise to the top and the role models that helped her refine her passion for acting and women's rights. Streep, who is the national spokesperson for the National Women's History Museum in Washington, DC, tells Safer an inspirational story about a slave who saved a young slave girl from being burned by the lady of the house. The slave was herself burned quite badly and sued for her freedom. She won and took the new name Elizabeth Freeman. The case was a catalyst in the abolition of slavery in Massachusetts.

Throughout the interview, Streep focuses on her passion for women of power to be recognized. As Streep says, you never hear someone say, "oh, you are playing a strong-minded man." People expect men to have opinions, but a strong-minded woman always grabs immediate attention. One of Streeps favorite Margaret Thatcher quotes is, "If you want something spoken about, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman." Many of Streeps roles feature strong-minded women.

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Quicklet on 60 Minutes Entertainment Profiles: Meryl Streep

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60 Minutes Entertainment Profiles: Meryl Streep

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