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Nicaragua's Northwest Highlands: Esteli, Matagalpa, Jinotega, San Rafael del Norte by Erica  Rounsefel

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The Northwest Highlands are lush and mountainous and offer some of Nicaragua's finest ecotourism opportunities. Finca Esperanza Verde and Selva Negra, both of which are within easy reach from Matagalpa, give visitors the chance to experience life on a sustainable farm and to experience Nicaragua's nature at its finest. Matagalpa and Jinotega are centers of coffee production, while Estelí is home to the country's finest cigar industry. The Northwest Highlands' cool, crisp climate is a welcome change from the heat of lower elevations, and visitors won't be disappointed by the lush mountains, vibrant cities, and intriguing rural villages that this region has to offer. The Somoto Canyon is a beautiful, peaceful retreat that has yet to be discovered by tourists. Located nine miles from Somoto, the canyon is graced by three rivers, including the formidable Río Coco, Central America's longest river. The hills of Matagalpa are a welcome respite from the heat of the lowlands, and the city is a pleasant destination year-round. Misty Matagalpa sees surprisingly few tourists, but this coffee center of nearly 150,000 residents is a worthwhile destination for its cool climate, proximity to nearby places of interest, and the opportunity to experience an authentic highlands town. It's easy to spend a couple of days exploring the attractive center with its minor sights, and it is a good stopover before venturing farther into the highlands. The highlights of Matagalpa are easily accessible on foot; plan to spend approximately two hours to explore the sights on this itinerary. Begin on the northern side of town by exploring La Catedral de San Pedro de Matagalpa. Vendors sell sliced mangoes (small bag 20¢) and other fruit near the front steps if you'd like a snack. Cross the street and take a walk through Parque Morazán before continuing south along the main road. Stop in at the Museo del Café to learn more about the region's history and coffee industry. This is a small fraction of what this guide covers. And, as alway with our guides, details are provided on all of the best places to stay and eat, the worthwile sights and activities, how to get here and how to get around.

  • ISBN: 9781556501890 |
  • Hardcover: 400 pages |
  • Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc. |
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  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook