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New Owner's Guide to Yorkshire Terriers by Linda  F

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Yorkshire Terriers are majestic little dogs; proud and intelligent with flowing locks and human-like hair. With their spunky attitude that belies their size, the 'Yorkie' is a popular choice among dog lovers.

The Yorkshire Terrier, which originally hails from the English city of Yorkshire, was a working class dog, primarily used as rat catchers in nineteenth century clothing mills. Later on, the dog left the realm of the working classes to become a companion pet for high society families in Europe. The breed was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885.


To socialize your Yorkshire Terrier effectively, you should start by introducing him to as many different people as possible. Encourage gentle play and petting. Make careful choices; a single well-behaved child will offer your dog a more positive experience that a group of noisy ones will. Next on the agenda are the sights, sounds and smells of life outside. Try and incorporate a variety of environments into your daily walk. Take him to the park, down a busy street and pay particular care to visit places that you would normally frequent; it is imperative that he becomes used to a wide variety of locations.

As the weeks pass, you can build upon his social skills by introducing more and more stimuli. Yorkshire Terriers can find it difficult to get along with other animals, so you should tackle this potential issue as soon as his inoculations have been administered. Puppy training classes are a great idea, but you should also attempt to introduce your dog to cats and rabbits from an early age to avoid problems later.

Your Yorkshire Terrier and Children

All things considered, the Yorkshire Terrier is a friendly breed of dog, although special care should be taken if you have children. Your dog will have been introduced to children of all ages as part of your socialization efforts, but it is a different thing to have a child meet a dog once to having children and dogs share your home on a full-time basis. Yorkshire Terriers are one of the smallest breeds of dog in the world and can be extremely vulnerable to rough play. They are prone to snap if physically hurt, so the majority of quality breeders will not allow a Yorkshire Terrier to be placed with a family that has children under seven years old...

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