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New Developments in EU and International Copyright Law

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More than a source of income and a means of protection for creators, rightholders, and the creative and entertainment industries, copyright is also a vehicle for technological advances and economic development. In the European Union, industries with intensive emphasis on intellectual property rights (mainly copyright) generate more than a quarter of employment and more than a third of economic activity. Yet copyright continues to be plagued by problematic attempts to balance the interests of rightholders, the public, consumers, intermediaries, collecting societies, different national legal traditions, and other forces, European and global.

This book draws a comprehensive picture of current, pending, and proposed copyright developments – legislation, ‘communications,’ white papers, and court decisions – at the levels of the European Union and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Twenty-two well-known and prestigious experts on intellectual property law from seventeen jurisdictions worldwide contribute essays on particular trends in copyright, including discussions of the following and more:

  • - making content available in an EU digital single market;
  • - collective management and multi-territorial licensing;
  • - exceptions for libraries and archives, education and research;
  • - traditional knowledge and cultural expressions;
  • - unjustified geoblocking;
  • - illegal content on the Internet;
  • - text and data mining;
  • - copyright enforcement online; and
  • - role of the European Court of Justice.

Policy recommendations are also set forth, as well as a detailed conceptual framework for a potential EU Copyright Code.

As a detailed and thoughtful overview of current trends in copyright internationally, this book has no peers. It is sure to be welcomed by practitioners, policymakers, academics, researchers, and business leaders for whom intellectual property rights, and especially copyright, are of the first importance.

  • ISBN: 9789041159991 |
  • Hardcover: 522 pages |
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business |
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  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook