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Monkey Game Development Beginner's Guide by Michael Hartlef

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Monkey is a programming language and toolset that allows its user to develop modern 2D games easily for mobile and other platforms like iOS, Android, HTML5, FLASH, OSX, Windows and XNA. With Monkey you can create best selling games in a matter of weeks, instead of months.

Monkey Game Development Beginner's Guide provides easy-to-follow step by step instructions on how to create eight different 2D games and how to deploy them to various platforms and markets.

Learning about the structure of Monkey and how everything works together you will quickly create eight classical games and publish them to the modern app markets. Throughout the book you will learn important game development techniques like collision detection, handling player input with mouse, keyboard or touch events and creating challenging computer AI. The author explains how to emit particle effects, play sound and music files, use sprite sheets, load or save high-score tables and handle different device resolutions. Finally you will learn how to monetize your games so you can generate revenue.


The first two chapters will provide you with grounding in Monkey. In each subsequent chapter you will create a complete game deployable to either iOS, Android, HTML5, FLASH, OSX, Windows and XNA. The last chapter will show you how to monetize the games so you can be commercially successful in the app development world.

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Do you want to quickly create games deployable to all the major desktop and mobile platforms?, if so look no further. You will learn how to utilize the highly versatile Monkey compiler to create 2d games deployable almost anywhere.

  • ISBN: 9781849692090 |
  • Hardcover: 402 pages |
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook